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A Runner’s High

October 19, 2008

After reading countless of running blogs, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and document this amazing journey. The blog is more for personal tracking and a way to remember the feeling of completing each race as I head towards my first marathon.

Today was the 10K in Santa Monica. The run followed Ocean Blvd, and up to San Vicente and around. It was nice running in a familiar neighborhood (too many shopping trips to 3rd street), and along Ocean was the coastline view. The race started at 8am and I had a timed goal of finishing in less than 50 minutes. My last 10K for the Nike Human Race, I finished around 52 minutes, give or take because they lost my race chip. Last night I found an old watch to wear so I can keep track of where I’m at during the race. This was a cheap China made Armani watch that already broke once, but it was working fine yesterday so I decided to give it a go.

I started out strong, telling myself to keep a pace or I would tire myself out too much at the end to sprint towards the finish line, but a lot of people kept passing me and the competitor in me kept getting frustrated. Around what I thought was 20 minutes, I looked down at my watch to check the time and it was stuck at 8am!! I was so frustrated by then because I had no idea what time it was and there was no mile markers on the course. I was trying to pace myself, but pushed myself harder because I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it in 50. I knew the course from looking at it online, but at mile 3 I suddenly felt pain on my shins and I thought to myself it was over for me. I had never felt this pain this soon and wonder why it was happening with a little over 3 more miles to go. There was a turnaround at mile 4 and all of the sudden, all the pain was relieved and I was flying. I looked back at the course and realized there was a slight incline the last mile. I haven’t trained too much with inclines and hills and even though it wasn’t a visible hill, there was definitely an incline and I could feel it instantly.

The rest of the race went well, a lot of people started tapering off towards the end and this was when I picked up speed. It was a lot easier to run at my fast pace during the last 2 miles because it was completely flat and there wasn’t too many people around me. I still didn’t know the time and I wasn’t sure how close I was to the finish line. Finally when I saw some people cheering, I knew I was close. This was when I started sprinting towards the finish line, I knew I had to make a good time and right before I crossed I saw Brennan standing on the side cheering. However, I raced past him, no time to stop and wave!

Crossing the finish line, I looked up at saw the time as 1 hour 15 minutes, I was devastated and ready to apologize to Brennan for telling him to wait for me at the 50 minute mark, but apparently I was looking at the clock that was still going from the 5k race that started 30 minutes before the 10k. I did it! in less than 50 minutes at 49:46 minutes, 3 minutes faster then my last 10k a month and a half ago. Overall, it was a great 10k run.

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