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Turkey Trot Long Beach 10K

December 10, 2008

What’s a better way to start off Thanksgiving Day than running a race? This was the 10K Turkey Trot in Long Beach. I like to do these short 10k runs because it helps me maintain my speedwork and getting free stuff is never a bad thing.

The race started at 7:30 and Jose and I made sure we were at the front of the line ( the race started in a parking lot..kind of strange). I had a time goal to beat my last 10k of 49 minutes, so I knew I had to run faster than a 8:00 pace. I kept telling myself to take it slow and then speed up, but all the elite runners started going off right at the beginning so I was forced to push myself and run alongside them. It was this run I realized why I get side stitches all the time. I set my running play list to really upbeat music, but I realized sometimes my legs aren’t going any faster but my breathing is trying to keep up with the beat, thus throwing my breathing out of whack and causing my diaphragm to tense up and give me incredible pain on the side. I turned off my ipod after mile 1 and the pain went away, although there has been too many times where I would continue to run for miles with my hand pressed on my side praying for the pain to go away (not fun). The course was nice and flat, perfect weather, but the long stretch of the beach got a little boring after a while so I just focused on my breathing and the people around me that were trying to pass me up! I was in this little competition with this one guy who would pass me, then I would pass him, and then he would pass me. Finally, I was getting so frustrated I just sprinted ahead of him and never saw him after that!

It was a relatively small race, and I finished in 47:46, a new PR for me! It was a great run and I waited for Jose to come in a couple minutes after me. It was fun seeing him at the turnaround point where we high-fived each other going in opposite directions. There was a 5K race starting just after I finished, and I decided why the heck not? I grabbed a couple oranges, chugged some water and headed back to the same starting line. I took the 3 something miles easy and enjoyed the path (again). Didn’t care too much about my time since I was already happy with the 10k time, think I finished around 27 minutes, not too sure. Upon finishing, I got handed a free pumpkin pie (?) but no thanks, pie is the last thing on my mind after running.

Besides a new PR, another T-shirt for my collection, and free chik-a-fila coupons, I had a great time racing with one of my friends and enjoying another city through it’s scenic paths.

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