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BBQ Lime Chicken Salad

August 10, 2009
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I was inspired by the Southwestern flavors of Mesa Grill this past weekend when I created this BBQ Chicken Salad. This throw together kind of salad took me less than 5 minutes to make and was devoured all too quickly. It was light and packed tons of flavor and texture from all the different ingredients in this meal. It was a good way to hit my veggie quota for the day, since I have been lacking in that department lately. I tossed the salad with some Trader Joe’s barbecue sauce and squeezed a little lime juice over the top. I wish I had Cotija cheese instead of Feta, but both tastes fairly similar. Cotija cheese is slightly saltier and used more in Mexican cooking.

BBQ Lime Chicken Salad

Serves 1

1 piece chicken breast cooked, shredded

1/2 cucumber, diced

1/4 cup red onion, diced

1/4 cup black beans

1 romaine lettuce head

1 tablespoon feta cheese

1/4 cup prepared BBQ sauce

1/4 red bell pepper, julienned

1 small tomato diced

1/4 cup shredded carrots


1. Cut a head of romaine lettuce and use as a base for the salad

2. Cut all vegetables and shred the chicken. Mix the vegetables with the lettuce and toss with barbecue sauce. Top with feta cheese


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