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Blue Plate, Santa Monica

September 14, 2009

Sometimes the only thing that can get me through my long weekend runs is the thought of what I’m going to eat afterwards. In all seriousness, I think all runners have visions of food swimming through their head. I mean, we expend so much energy and calories, I think we deserve to have an extra beer or an extra indulgence. It’s the only way to keep us runners sane. I was talking to a friend recently about marathon post-meal and how he went all out at a steakhouse for dinner after the marathon. We all talk about how we’re going to stuff our faces with _____ or ____ after a race, but after my first marathon, all I did was eat a lame 6 inch veggie sub from Quiznos and called it a day.

My friend recommended Blue Plate to me in Santa Monica as a cool, casual breakfast place. I am currently helping him train for the Malibu half marathon in November and we were going to reward ourselves with this meal after a 10 mile run. Unfortunately, he hurt his foot, so the run never happened, but we still went out to eat! He was right when he said this place was small. The place was packed at 2 in the afternoon and we ended up waiting for 40 minutes to get a table inside.


Needless to say, we were pretty hungry by the time we were seated. We ordered a Middle Eastern platter which had hummus, pita bread, eggplant hummus, cucumber salad and tabbouleh. Loved the eggplant hummus, everything else was good, but nothing I haven’t had before. Not a huge fan of tabbouleh either, there’s something about parsley that I really don’t like…


I ordered Amy’s Egg White Frittata with mushrooms, tomato, spinach, avocado and feta. It was light, but satisfying from all the vegetables. I love ordering Greek omelettes whenever I go out for breakfast because the ingredients are healthy and they don’t usually smother the eggs in cheese. It came with a side of toasted wheat toast and fruit.


Minh got the Combo with 2 eggs and pancakes. I only tried half of a pancake and they were light and fluffy, perfect when dipped in a little maple syrup


Overall, great breakfast options and fresh seasonal dishes that I would love to try sometime only if the wait isn’t too long. Check it out if you are ever in the Santa Monica area.

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