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Katsuya, Hollywood

September 21, 2009

Katsuya in Hollywood is probably the epitome of Hollywood nightlife. I have heard about this restaurant many times from friends who have spotted celebrities there. Honestly, I think the whole Hollywood scene is a little pretentious and not the mention, the traffic sucks going there. Once in a while, I enjoy a night out in Hollywood, eating at the latest restaurants and hitting up the bars afterward. It’s fun to play dress up, but I still prefer to be in jeans and flats and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the bars by the beach.

We actually weren’t planning on eating here, but it was past 10pm and I was getting a little hungry. Yes, I was planning on making a couple cocktails my “dinner”. Hey, you can eat perfect everyday right? I figured since we were already there for drinks, might as well order some of their specialty items off the menu. I started with a Watermelon Cucumber Mojito-Crushed seedless watermelon, English cucumber & fresh mint intertwined w/ strokes of Barcardi Light rum & freshly squeezed lime juice. Yum! It was refreshing and cool, perfectly sweetened from the lime juice and watermelon with a hint of cucumber. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact description of what B ordered, some fruity raspberry drink. Way too much alcohol, didn’t like it as much. Loved the sugared rim glass though


Of course we had to get the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna. Apparently it’s one of their most famous dishes on the menu. The rice was fried with some soy sauce and sesame oil, topped with a mixture of spicy tuna. Loved the tuna and the flavors of this dish, but it was a little pricey for something this small.


Next was the Baked Crab Handroll-Baked snow crab lightly kissed with Chef’s signature sauce wrapped with rice in soy paper

There was plenty of fresh crab meat inside the handrolls which was nice for the price you’re paying for these two rolls. I liked the use of soy paper instead of rice because it gave the rolls a chewy texture. B preferred this over the crispy rice, but to each his own! I think it’s amazing how B was even willing to try these dishes.


Overall, great place to take a date or someone you want to really impress. Be prepared to spend a lot of money, but you come here mostly for the young hip atmosphere, rather than to eat until you’re stuffed. The food is fresh and light, emphasis on the light, but the decor is amazing. They have a great sit down sushi bar with friendly sushi chefs. A word of advice, I would make reservations if you want to come here at a normal dinner hour.

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