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Din Tai Fung, Arcadia

September 27, 2009

Over the weekend, I brought my grandparents to this famous restaurant in Arcadia known for their steamed dumplings. The original Din Tai Fung is in Taiwan, but they have a couple here in Arcadia.  On the weekend, this place is packed with people eager to try their famous dumplings. Most of these dumplings are filled with a pork and vegetable mixture, but they also have a vegetarian option. In Chinese, we call them “shao long bao” and they steam it in these metal caskets until the meat is cooked through. The best places are the ones that make these dumplings fresh. Din Tai Fung has a group of people hand making these little dumplings in the kitchen.


We started with their House Chicken Soup which my grandparents recommended. The soup was so flavorful from the boiled chicken and very light. The chicken was tender, moist and juicy. Perfect way to start off the meal.


I ordered a side of sauteed Chinese green beans. The green beans were  crisp and stir-fried with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil and garlic.


We ordered the classic steamed pork dumplings which came 10 per order. You dip them in a mixture of freshly grated ginger and vinegar. Depending on the restaurant, some places serve red or black vinegar. Both are used to enhance the flavors of the dumplings.


Upon first bite, the juice from the pork oozes out which is possibly the best part of these dumplings. You have to eat these with a spoon because of the rich soup inside. Can’t let any go to waste!


We also ordered the steamed crab dumplings which had minced crab meat inside. These were a little more expensive, but so worth it. The crab meat was delectable, yet light and soaked up all the flavors from the soup. They put a tiny piece of carrot inside to distinguish between the other dumplings.



My grandpa ordered a sweet eight flavor rice to finish off the meal. I’m not sure why they put food coloring in this dish, but it’s pretty much sweet sticky rice with red bean paste and dates on the inside. Delicious and the perfect way to end the meal.



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  1. December 28, 2009 4:42 am

    Another excellent review Andee! Your Gramps has good taste! I’ve eaten here several times but haven’t tried the soup or the dessert, so next time we’ll give some of the other dishes a whirl. Hey, you should join our foodie groups and We can always use another fellow foodie adventurer! BTW, I’m still researching the Little Fat Sheep broth and will beo heading to the San Gabriel markets to hunt for ingredients as I am planning to co-host a hot pot dinner to die for!

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