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ChocotoberFest, The Grove Los Angeles

October 8, 2009

Wine+Beer+Chocolate tastings?? Count me in! Do you see a common theme among these press events I go to? Yes, they usually involve some sort of alcohol…I was graciously given tickets to this event at The Grove from Ian over at Learn About Wine. Check out the site if you are interested in wine tastings in your area. Learn About Wine hosts unique classes, events and tours that remain on the cutting edge of the industry and is the leading source for wine education and events in Southern California.


My plus one Brennan and Ryan, the wine connoisseur


Lots of free flowing vino!


Chocolates from Intemperantia ChocolateI can’t even remember all the different types of chocolates I tried, one rum dark chocolate, one coffee chocolate and a caramel chocolate. By the way, when I go to these tastings, I don’t usually eat the whole thing, I take one tiny bite and either pass it along to Brennan or toss it. Yes, it’s a little wasteful, but otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all these events and not gain weight!


Amella Caramels..I tried a carrot cake caramel! Delish


Cheesecake Factory catered which was pretty nice. They didn’t have a wide selection, but there was some spinach and artichoke dip, vegetable egg roll in soy paper, corn tamale with tomato salsa.


New Belgium Brewery, loved the beer samples from light to dark




Great event, loved trying all the different types of wines, ports and beers and of course, the unlimited chocolate sampling!

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