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Umami Buger, West Los Angeles

October 19, 2009

Saturday night, the typical foodies: Brennan, Jess and I ventured to this little restaurant in West L.A, Umami Burger. Sounds intriguing no? The first time I heard about this restaurant was through this daily e-mail I receive from Tasting Table LA. They send me all the updates on what’s happening around L.A, which restaurants have just opened and closed, new food findings, basically a foodie’s reader’s digest. Brennan is always game for burger joints and Jess follows us to wherever we go 🙂 What is Umami? It’s basically the “fifth taste”, as it is distinctly not sweet, sour, hot, or salty. In addition to having a unique standalone flavor, umami appears to enhance foods it is combined with, making other flavors richer and more intense. There was actually a recent Top Chef quickfire episode where the contestants had to create a umami dish, lots of Asian woody, earthy flavors.


When we arrived, this place resembled more of a sushi dive bar rather than a burger restaurant. There were already groups of people waiting outside for a seat. Honestly, the service was really slow when we got there. We waited over 30 minutes to get a table inside, just to be seated right in front of a wall. Not kidding. It was as if we were sitting at a desk doing homework, straight across, literally facing a wall. See for yourself…


The menu is fairly simple. A couple different burgers to choose from, some sides and drinks. Jess ordered the signature “Umami burger”. I don’t know if I really “taste” umami in the food, but apparently it’s there. Oh yeah, these burgers are like little sliders, but packed with a ton of flavor. I’m not too sure what is all in this burger, but from what I could taste, it had mushrooms, a Parmesan crisp and a very fatty, but oh so delicious beef patty


Brennan ordered the Triple Pork Burger-fresh ground pork spiced with chorizo and cob-smoked bacon, aged manchego, pimenton aioli. Like always, the bacon gets him everytime.


I ordered the Truffle Burger-Italian truffle cheese, truffle glaze


Overall, I probably wouldn’t come back just because of the wait and the amount of food you get for the price. The burgers were very tasty, but I could have easily gotten the same quality burger with more choices somewhere else. Also, I wanted to order their house salad, but apparently they ran out of dressing. It’s definitely a chic, trendy place with lots of beautiful L.A people, but there are tons of restaurants on La Brea that I would rather check out next time. Jess gives it one thumbs up.


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  1. Jessica Lieu permalink
    October 20, 2009 7:20 pm

    one thumbs up = no repeat biz

  2. October 20, 2009 11:27 pm

    After reading this I’m glad I never made it over there. I can’t wait 30 mins for anything when I’m hungry, although those pictures look delish!

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