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Malibu Half Marathon

November 19, 2009

Part of my training for the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World in January (half marathon Saturday, full marathon Sunday), is to incorporate back to back long runs into my training. Honestly, I signed up for this race purely because I am an addict when it comes to collecting race medals. I don’t display them or anything, actually, all my medals are sitting in a shoebox right now in my closet. I like to secretly pull them out time to time and try them on like trying on a pair of shoes, don’t ask.

Anyways, this weekend I found out that my knees do not appreciate back to back long runs. My running plan is seriously a mess. I don’t ever have a set mileage I try to hit every week because I found out from last season that I just end up injuring myself and beating myself up for not hitting 50 miles a week. Running became a chore to me and I dreaded doing it. Took the summer off from serious running, besides a San Francisco half marathon, to reconnect with my love for running. Now back in the training season, I average 25-30 miles a week and the last 20 miles are suppplemented with lots of cross-training, strength training, yoga etc. I find this a lot better for my body, yet I am still able to maintain my endurance and speed by training smarter.

Anyways, this weekend I signed up for the 1st Malibu Half Marathon with my friend Minh, who’ve I’ve been helping these past couple of months train for his first half marathon. Pretty exciting stuff. The course was scenic, but fairly uneventful. It was 13 miles along Pacific Coast highway, which I really shouldn’t complain about since it was all ocean view and rolling hills. Yes, rolling hills. Not so much fun after my 18 miler on Saturday, but I’m getting my body used to these back to back long runs in preparation for the Goofy Challenge. I’m probably only going to do these back to back weekends one more time because I don’t think my knees are reacting too well to these runs. Since I was pacing my friend, I took it really easy and averaged 10-10:30 min/miles, I just wanted him to finish strong and support him all the way through the course. Not my best time, but it felt pretty awesome not having to worry about the time. I just cruised right along and actually enjoyed the course and scenery. I’ll end with my new favorite quote:

“Life is a marathon-pace yourself”-trainer

Freezing before the race, got there before 6am and found out the half started at 8:40!

This man is crazier than me. 20 miles the day before a half! What a trooper!

And we’re off!

Oh, California…

Sprinting to the finish!

Stop the clock!


Bling bling!

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  1. Stephanie Liang permalink
    November 20, 2009 2:04 pm

    yes, you better watch out for your knees, lady. running itself aint so good on the knees…so back to back is obviously not ideal.


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