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Walt Disney Goofy Nerves

January 6, 2010

I can’t believe I’m leaving for Florida today to run the Goofy Challenge. It seems like yesterday when I hit the “submit” button for this race, re-confirming that yes, I am crazy for doing this. Awkwardly enough, I get a strange satisfaction when people tell me I’m crazy for whatever I do. I have to admit, I am a little intimidated with back to back long runs, but nevertheless, I know it will be an awesome experience. How many times can you say that you ran through Walt Disney World?! I’ll try to think of happy thoughts throughout the race, since it is afterall, the happiest place on Earth. I am confidant in my training these past couple of months, and ultimately, the race is about watching it all pay off. I’ve picked up hill workouts, track, boxing, back to back long runs (yes, I hated them, but had to do them) and various other x-training to keep me conditioned. With CIM and L.A Half closely behind me, I know my legs are ready for the distance.

Here are some of my favorite tips to keep in mind for a marathon:

  • Accept the fear.  If marathoning were easy, everyone would be doing it and the medal wouldn’t mean a darn thing.  Fear is a normal part of the process and an important survival tool.  It makes us respect the distance and more importantly, prepare for it.  Allow yourself to feel the fear, but put a limit on it.
  • Marathon training is a lot like conducting an orchestra.  A lot is happening all at the same time and you are in charge of managing it.  Focus on the things you can control and let go of the things you can’t.  When you sit in fear, review your log and have faith in preparation.   You’re already doing the hard part (training), the race is the celebration.

Not only am I running these 2 races, but I’m also running the marathon to qualify for Boston 2011. I know, it’s an insane aspiration, but for some reason, I always impress myself the day of the race when I have done something I shouldn’t have been doing the day/night before (i.e. drinking, running insane miles, you get the point).

Strategy? NO exercising Thursday, nada, zip, zilch. Thursday is travel day anyways, my bum will be nice and sore from sitting on the plane the whole day. Friday is a nice and easy 5K race with B, we will probably go to Island of Adventure depending on weather, which right now looks like it might rain. Wearing running shoes this time to the theme park unlike CIM, where I walked around the entire day before the marathon in 5 inch boots, my feet paid for it the next day. Saturday is a “easy” half marathon, by easy I mean around a 9 minute pace. I realized even though I can walk the entire half marathon or go really slow, I end up hurting more than if I just went at a normal pace. I’m also bringing my camera for the first time and really going to enjoy the course. Sunday is game day. Might join a Cliff pace team, but based on my previous experience at Long Beach, I might be lucky enough to find some runners I can pace. Since I would have already enjoyed my scenic stroll through the park Saturday for the half, I don’t care too much if all I see during this course are my damn shoes and the ground. Going to take 3 GU’s this time-Mile 7, 14, 22. I usually only take 2 and drink sports drink at the water stations, but a friend told me that by taking it at Mile 22 really helps boost your energy levels during the last home stretch. Also, with all the track workouts being 3 miles, I’m hoping Mile 23-26 will be “just another track workout”. Ha, we’ll see. Bonking at Mile 20 is my specialty.


Thursday: Fly into Orlando. Anyone in the area, want to meet-up?

Friday  7AM: UP! and Away Family Fun 5K (doing this with B, a fun run/walk for us). Couldn’t help myself from signing up for this race. Not only is it UP! themed, but a chance for another medal? Sign me up baby!

Saturday 5:40AM: Half Marathon

Sunday 5:40AM: Full Marathon

Fly back Sunday with a 3 hour layover in Washington. Get home 1AM Monday morning. My legs will love me for booking this flight!

If you are in the area, here are a couple meet-ups:

Friday Jan 8th 9AM at front entrance of Expo

Saturday Jan 9th 12:30PM at Peach Valley Cafe

Be back with a race recap! Will be tweeting the entire weekend:

Track me during the half & full here

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  1. January 8, 2010 5:58 pm

    I sense marathons give you a higher high compared to food.
    Look 4ward to your race recap. Best Wishes!

  2. January 10, 2010 10:41 am

    And, I pray the weather in florida is better than Sacramento!


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