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2010 Race Schedule

January 15, 2010

Race schedule for 2010…yes, even I think it’s pretty ridiculous

1/9 Walt Disney Half Marathon 1:53

1/10 Walt Disney Full Marathon 3:36

2/7  Surf City Half Marathon Did the full last year, will probably never do the full again due to it’s boring course, but loved the surfboard medal (Last year’s race recap here)

2/21  Pasadena Half Marathon Last year’s race recap here

2/28  Chinatown Firecracker 10K Good hill training? Haven’t done a 10K in a while

3/7  Napa Valley Marathon Signed up for this race yesterday, total impulse buy. Shooting for a 3:30 for a spot in NYC Marathon

3/21  Los Angeles Marathon Fun race with tons of friends (Last year’s recap here)

4/23 Ragnar Relay, Santa Barbara to Dana Point 183 miles of fun with 12 great friends

5/8 Santa Barbara Half Marathon Wine Country..need I say more? Not to mention, this race is on a Saturday

5/15 Palos Verdes Half Marathon Hometown, gotta represent! Last year’s race recap here

6/6 San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon First Rock n Roll Marathon!

6/26 Seattle Rock n Roll Marathon Second Rock n Roll Marathon! This is still a maybe, but apparently you get double the bling if you complete 2 marathons in the same month..

7/25 San Francisco Marathon Only doing this race to redeem the medal from last year’s half. The little half marathon keychain medal does not look well next to my other 2 California Dreamin’ Racing Series. Last year’s race recap here

8/7 Mt. Disappointment 50K Trail Race Maybe…although it’s not that much further than a marathon

9/5 Disneyland Half Marathon, Anaheim Only doing this to complete the Coast to Coast Disney Challenge. More medals? Yes, please.

9/19 Maui Marathon What better place to run a marathon?

10/2 St. George Marathon Lottery opens April, TBD

10/17 Nike Women Half Marathon Tiffany’s necklace on silver platter. Firefighters in tux. Enough said.

10/24 Los Angeles Rock N Roll Half Marathon Couldn’t resist. It’s only a half right?

10/30 Healdsburg Wine Half Marathon Yet another race just to complete the Wine Country racing series

11/14 Big Sur Half Marathon Since I’ll be missing the Big Sur Marathon in April, this will have to do

12/5 Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon Last chance to get in a Rock N Roll before the end of the year. What better way to celebrate the end of a race by partying it up in Vegas?

4/18/11 Boston Marathon Beantown, here I come!

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  1. January 15, 2010 7:19 am

    your schedule is crazy. not in terms of volume, but in terms of traveling expenses!

    woot for Vegas, LA, & Disneyland! i’ll cya there!

    i’ve done the SDRnR twice (so far the only marathon i’ve done multiple times). you’ll have fun there.

    SFM, running across the bridge through the fog is still one of my top marathon moments.

    Nike… didn’t you forget to mention the guys in “butler” outfits? hahahaha (;

    • andee permalink
      January 15, 2010 7:23 am

      Dennis-Don’t forget MAUI!

  2. January 16, 2010 9:34 am

    Yes, your schedule appears to bee crazy. In terms of volume and traveling expenses. This doesn’t even include all your training runs.

    We all know the benefits of running & exercise in general. I’m just wundering what are the real long-term disadvantages of keeping up this kind of schedule for an extended period of time…

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