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Happy 1 Year Anniversary

February 2, 2010

It just totally dawned on me that yesterday marks my one year anniversary running marathons. I ran the Surf City Marathon February 1st, 2009, crazy how much I have done/learned since then and all the amaaaazing people I have met through running. Hope to still be doing this 60 years from now ha! (this blog will hold me accountable) I am also tempted to go into ultras, I have a 50K trail race this August. We’ll see how I feel about ultras after that, but a 100-miler race is temporarily on my bucket list 😉

A trip down Marathon Memory Lane…(not going to include the halfs in between each marathon) Here are all my race recaps

Surf City Marathon-Not my best race, but I really had nothing else to compare it to. Totally bonked somewhere around Mile 15-18, then never picked it back up again. I just wanted to finish the damn race. Too hot, dehydrated, side stitches, wrong shoes the list goes on. I would probably never do the full again because the course is flat out b-o-r-i-n-g, but I am doing the half marathon this weekend. How many surfboard medals do I need? This might be my last time doing this race…kind of pissed they ran out of the long sleeve tech shirt for my size last year. Going to the expo right when it opens this year lol. I actually finished this race in decent time, considering I felt like sh*t the last half of the Official time: 3:48:51

L.A. Marathon-OK course, had a great support team (complete with sports drink, camera & shot bloks) out there the last 6 miles of the race which totally cheered me up. I don’t think the course really highlights L.A. in its best light, considering we ran through not so nice neighborhoods. The only part I distinctly remember was that the last mile finished uphill. Nice, real nice. This year, the course has changed starting from Dodger Stadium and ending in Santa Monica. This is the L.A. Leggers “race”, so a ton of friends will be running it. Don’t plan on taking this one too seriously since I’m signed up for the Napa Marathon 2 weeks before (hoping for a 3:30 for NY Marathon, wishful thinking). The last 6 miles should be fairly familiar down San Vicente since we run it every Saturday, but the beginning parts by Dodger Stadium is no bueno. Definitely excited to end in Santa Monica where the partying begins on the beach! Official finish time: 3:51:53

Long Beach Marathon-I was really really shooting for a Boston qualifier for this race. Fairly flat, fast course and this race completed my California Dreamin’ Series for me. What could be better than picking up my jacket, 2 medals, and a BQ? Well, the BQ didn’t happen, blacked out around Mile 21 and had to walk for the first time ever. Yes, it was a blow to my self-esteem as I never ever take walk breaks, but I knew I was probably going to pass out on the course if I didn’t stop running. Worst feeling ever, probably worse than Surf city. Watched the 3:40 pace group pass me as I struggled just to keep a 10 min/mile. Lesson learned: not fueling properly the night before and during the race, going out too fast & not doing enough speed workouts. Weird thing is that I was feeling awesome Mile 1-20, looking at my mile splits, I was going faster at Mile 19 than I was the first couple of miles. Funny how this race was actually a PR for me, incredible. Official finish time: 3:47:03

California International Marathon-I really really REALLY wanted a BQ for this race. (Do you sense a trend here?) Net downhill, enough said. To be clear, I realized after this race that “net downhill” is not the same as downhill, duh. Also, didn’t help that the weather was in the 20’s and I was wearing a running skirt and tank top (but with gloves!). Yeah, not the smartest move on my part, but I figure since I had no idea what 20 something degree weather felt like, I might as well go all out in what I would normally wear in 80 degree weather. How come someone didn’t slap me when I was packing my suitcase *ahem B*. Needless to say, not my best race, actually my worst time to date, but I felt pretty good during/after the race, despite the almost-frostbitten hands and toes. The race itself wasn’t memorable, but I had a blast going up to Sacramento with a group of friends and those are the memories I’m mostly taking away from this race. Official finish time: 3:53:52

Disney Goofy’s Challenge (Half & Full Marathon)-Hands down, the best race experience ever. And I’m not just saying that because it was my fastest time, actually I would be lying if I said the PR and BQ didn’t have to do with my favoritism towards this race. The half and full marathon challenge aside, it was an awesome trip with great company. I wasn’t expecting much from this race since I signed up for the 5K, half and full marathon all in one weekend so I didn’t really go into the full marathon thinking I would make the Boston time. Although the weather was even worse than CIM (ironically after CIM, I pledged to never do another race in that cold of weather again lol), I dressed appropriately and actually enjoyed freezing my ass off through all 42 miles. It is weird though, that I seem to perform better under not so ideal circumstances. Although, I did change up my running routine a bit before Disney to incorporate more hill training and track intervals. I think those two components played a huge part in running Disney. Also, the course was FLAT. Not this “net downhill” bs, it was literally flat as a pancake. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to running 26 miles on all flat surface along with singing Disney characters, but the race was pretty awesome. Would love to do it again when I get my finances back up, the trip took a heavy toll on my budget. Official finish time: 3:36:51 (yes, finally got that damn BQ woohoo!)

There you have it- 5 marathons down, countless more to go! Cheers to another year of amazing races!

Here is a great article about marathons

Race Day Strategies for Marathoners

Excerpts: “It’s not unusual to have a few miles when you just don’t feel good. These bad patches are a test of mental resolve. These stretches may last a while and then mysteriously go away. The key is to have the confidence that you’ll eventually overcome this bad patch.”

The Final Six Miles and 385 Yards

At mile 20, you’ve made it to the most rewarding stage of the marathon. Up to this point, every mile required the patience to hold back. Now you’re free to see what you’ve got.

During these final few miles you get to dig down and use up any energy you have left. This is what the marathon is all about. It’s the stretch that poorly prepared marathoners fear and well-prepared marathoners relish.

The key from 20 miles to the finish is to push as hard as you can without having disaster strike in the form of a cramp or very tight muscles. You need to use your body’s feedback to determine just how hard you can push.

Your legs will probably be on the edge and will limit how fast you can go. You need to test the waters a bit and push to the limit of what your muscles will tolerate. It is a process of taking progressively greater risks as the finish line nears.

You will know you have mastered the marathon if you can give it a little more effort and finish strong.

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  1. February 2, 2010 8:55 am

    You’ve done some awesome marathons! Happy anniversary 🙂

  2. February 3, 2010 3:03 pm

    That’s wonderful!! 🙂


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