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Wedding Tasting Part I (Grace Catering)

May 23, 2010

Last Friday I was invited to a wedding tasting by Grace Catering in Orange County. They offer full service menus featuring traditional Chinese dishes as well as Japanese and Korean. Of course, this is probably the best part of the whole wedding planning process, being able to attend all these tastings! Food is such a big part of both our cultures and we would really like to bring together the different flavors and ingredients into one unique and amazing dinner, that would appease both sides of the family. Meh, it’s harder than it sounds to not only serve food that everyone would enjoy, but also tie in the traditional dishes in each of our cultures. Good thing we still have a year to plan! The menu we were presented with was a traditional 10 course Chinese wedding dinner. Our ideal menu would be more Asian Fusion, but this gave me some good ideas to incorporate into our own wedding. I grew up eating this style of food, everything plated in massive quantities and all spinning around on the lazy susan. It really brings together the table when everyone has to ‘share’ the food. Although this might not be the most ideal because it doesn’t really give everyone their own separate entrée, you are able to taste 10 dishes rather than your own individual dish. I would love to incorporate this lazy susan presentation at the actual wedding. Most of these dishes are symbolic and ideally at every traditional Chinese wedding. Delicacies such as shark fin and lobster are really prominent in big celebrations. Yes, it is wrong to eat shark fin, and I actually didn’t partake in eating my serving of the soup. I don’t support the abuse of sharks, but tradition is tradition. Chinese people eat everything, chicken feet, pig’s blood included. Anyways, not to gross anyone out, the dishes we were served were delicious and gave me a good idea of what dishes I would like to keep. Enjoy!

Cold Cuts Platter-Jellyfish, sliced beef, pork, shrimp

Sharkfin Soup

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Stir Fried Sea Cucumbers with Abalone and Black Mushrooms

Stir Fried Lobster with Garlic
This was a 5 lb lobster my friend. Deep fried glory.

6 Style Vegetables

Fillet Mignon with Garlic Bulbs

Steamed Whole Fish

Fried Rice

Fruit Platter

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  1. Vicki permalink
    September 5, 2013 11:43 am

    Hi! I was just wondering what caterer you ended up deciding on? I’m currently planning my wedding for next year and am also trying to fuse the Asian and American cultures 🙂

    • September 5, 2013 11:53 am

      Hi Vicki,
      we ended up using Choura catering, they were awesome! loved all the food they made for us

      • Vicki permalink
        September 5, 2013 3:52 pm

        Thanks so much for the quick reply Andee! We actually live in Boston so we’ll be doing most of the planning from there but I happen to be in town the next couple of weeks so I’m trying to see as many vendors as possible. I hate to be a bother but do you have any recommendations or advice on any other vendors? It’s always nice to hear it from a bride and not just professionals from the industry. 🙂

      • September 7, 2013 2:11 am

        Hi Vicki, I highly recommend our wedding photographer Jen May, she travels too all over the world! We had a wedding coordinator which I thought was really helpful on the actual wedding day and was worth the cost in the end.
        Here is Jen’s info:

      • Vicki permalink
        September 11, 2013 5:45 pm

        Thanks Andee! And thank you also for having the courage to share your story – you give hope to so many women out there who struggle with their weight and self worth. 🙂

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