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10K Mud Run, Camp Pendleton

June 7, 2010

I completed my first ever mud run! Wow, totally not expecting what I experienced, but it was fun and had a great time meeting new people and spending the weekend down in San Diego. I wasn’t planning on running this race, actually I was going to do SD Rock N Roll Marathon, but after the LA Marathon, I decided to take a summer break from marathons (except SF) and focus more on trails. My friend Matt asked if I wanted to join their group because one girl had dropped out. He was going with 9 other friends for 2 teams. As advertised on the website, the Mud Run is a challenging 10K run with hills, tire obstacles, river crossings, two 5-foot walls with mud on both sides, tunnel crawl, slippery hill climb, and the final 30-foot mud pit.

I spent Saturday night at Matt’s place in Encinitas which was nice because the race didn’t start until 9AM, so we didn’t have to leave until later. Better than waking up at 4AM to drive to SD on Sunday. I wasn’t sure what to wear, but knew I shouldn’t wear anything I wanted to keep. That’s when all my race T-shirts come in handy! Sorry Chinatown Firecracker, I had a fun time cutting up the shirt so it would fit better. Reminds me of back in high school where we would cut up shirts for special dress-up days. Met up with the other teammates around the Camp Pendleton lake

The teams went out 15 minutes after the individual runners and we were pretty far behind. We had hopes of placing, but were stuck in the far back and there wasn’t a chip timer. Clean and happy before the race…

The first couple miles were pretty mild, we were stuck behind A LOT of people and the trail was pretty narrow. Whenever we had to cut through mud water (up to our calves), everyone just came to a complete stop and walked which set us back. The course was mainly on trails, but there were some pretty hefty hills and it was so hot by the time we started. Ended up passing a lot of people during the uphills which made up for some time, but it was so hard to run when your shoes are full of mud and you’re clothes are drenched from head to toe. The volunteers weren’t dishing out water fast enough so I didn’t bother waiting, even though I was so thirsty from the heat. The Gatorade they were handing out was boiling, yuck. We finally hit our first real “mud pit” probably at Mile 3, which consisted of climbing over a mud wall and jumping right into a mud pit, up to my waist. I tried really hard not to do a face plant into the mud, but it didn’t really matter since the last leg of our run involved pretty much dunking your whole body in the mud. Then we ran over to the lake where everyone was trekking across. The water was so high up that I could barely walk across, so I just decided to swim, so much for not wanting to get my hair wet. Swimming was a lot easier than trying to wade across the lake. Ran some more, crawled through muddy tunnels and hit the steep uphill muddy climb. This was probably the hardest part of the race for me. Not only was the hill muddy and wet, they had water running down the hill to make it harder for you to reach the top. If that wasn’t enough, the water and mud kept getting in my contacts which made my vision blurry. I pretty much blindly climbed that hill, hoping I wouldn’t slip and fall all the way down. I eventually gravitated towards the side of the hill, trying to regain more balance, but eventually just kept slipping and falling. Almost fell backwards onto my friend which wouldn’t have been good for the rest of the people down below. Finally made it to the top and it was mostly downhill from here. One more wall to climb over, more muddy swamps to wade across and we were at the infamous mud pit.

This was actually the first guy to cross. Look, he has the pit all to himself!

People on the side were yelling to get down on your belly and elbows

But I found it much easier to just crawl on hands and knees. Since the pit was a lot more crowded by the time I crossed, the people in front of me were kicking mud in my face. Choking down mud is not fun.

The teams couldn’t cross the finish line unless all teammates were there. You had to link arms and cross together for an official finish. So glad to be out of the mud!

We finished in 1:11:06, 5th overall in mixed group. Our other team finish in 1:10:16 and came in 3rd overall. It was close! I was actually surprised by our results because it seemed like we were still behind a lot of people, but those were probably the individual runners. Post-race, the dirty 10.

Fun times and a truly unique experience. Definitely the most challenging 10K I’ve ever done.

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  1. daniel permalink
    July 2, 2010 12:58 pm

    Just amazing…cute, athletic, likes cooking and is just uber awesome!

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