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Embarking on new territory…

September 7, 2010

So, friends I have been thinking a lot about where I want to take my running. I already have so many races lined up for the rest of the year that adding on another race seems redundant and very bad for my wallet….unless it’s a 50 mile race. There are pros and cons to marathons and the idea of an ultra marathon has always intrigued me. I have a lot of friends that run 50K-100+ mile races, and at one time, I called them crazy. Well, you do have to be a little crazy to even run anything over a marathon distance. The training is completely different and every mile is a new distance and unfamiliar territory. I was toying with the idea of the Avalon 50 miler in January 2011 in Catalina. The course is beautiful and it would give me enough time to really train hard for it and put in enough mileage so I don’t give out along the course. Unfortunately, I totally forgot it was also the same day as my cousin’s wedding, so I had to scramble to find another race around the same time. With all my fall races and marathons, I know December-February is the perfect time for something like this. I will be at my peak in training. Alas, I found the perfect race here in my home state, only 6 hours north of L.A., I present to you The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships 50 Mile Race

“Situated in the visually stunning Marin Headlands just north of the city, The North Face® Endurance Challenge Championship course has surprised runners with both its scenery and amount of elevation change. Participants are encouraged to train for repeated uphills and downhills of several hundred feet at a time.”

I am SO excited for this because I have heard great things about this race. Scenery>Elevation. The course is a bitch and is no joke, but the views should be worth it, right? No turning back now, training plan is set and the ball is rolling. This is right before the holidays which is great so I won’t have pressure to do my 30 mile training runs during Christmas break. Even though I have never run anything more than a marathon distance before, I signed up for a 50K in the Santa Monica Mountains um…2 weeks before this race. Not the best situation, but getting in a 50K is better than nothing.

In other news, I also signed up for the Gasparilla Michelob Ultra Challenge in Tampa, Florida in Feburary. Did I ever mention that the 24-48 hour period after a race is the most dangerous for my wallet? It’s true, and it’s a very serious problem. I love Florida and this is right before my spring break so it works out perfectly. What is the Michelob Ultra Challenge?

The Michelob Ultra Challenge consists of running the 5K, 15K, Half Marathon and, new in 2011, the 5+3K. In addition to the individual event Runner Premiums (One 15K/5K Shirt, One Half Marathon Shirt, One 5+3K Shirt, One Goody Bag, 15K Finishers Medal, 5K Finishers Medal, Half Marathon Finishers Medal and 5+3K Finishers Medal), those runners and walkers that complete the Michelob Ultra Challenge by participating and crossing the Finish Lines of all four events will receive a Michelob Ultra Challenge Finisher’s Medal and Finisher’s Shirt.

You read that right, 4 races, 2 days, 5 medals. Need I say more? Sign me up! Reminds me of Goofy, but not quite as extreme. Kind of odd distances, but I’ll roll with it. It’s really an excuse to go to Busche Garden…

So here’s to the next couple of months, I hope I survive.

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