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Curry Chicken Salad with Apples & Cranberries

September 13, 2010

Make this delicious chicken salad the night before for a easy and quick lunch on-the-go. Stuff this chicken salad into pita bread, or top it on a bed of spinach for an extra nutritional boost. This low-fat salad replaces some of the mayo with plain yogurt and mustard, without losing any of the flavor. The apples gives this salad a sweet crunch and topped with slivered almonds, each bite will be full of crunch and texture. You can sub out the dried cranberries for raisins or any other dried fruit you have on hand. For a vegetarian option, sub out the chicken for tempeh or cooked firm tofu or even cooked lentils. There are so many different variations on this sweet and tangy salad. Check out your local farmer’s market for the freshest ingredients. Save some money this week by bringing in your lunch. A recipe this simple and delicious beats out any deli chicken salad.

Click here for the recipe!

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