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Corral Canyon Trail Half Marathon, Malibu

March 8, 2011

Desert Dash is a group I randomly found last Thanksgiving when I was heading to Vegas. 3 days without trail running? God forbid. My trusty Twitter feed told me to check this group out on Facebook and I immediately got a response back that a group of girls were going out for a trail run one of the days I would be there. Score! I dragged my friend Matt who also happened to be in Vegas to this group and quickly made friends with the girls. Flash forward to last weekend, they actually put on a trail race here in Malibu! Instead of driving 4 hours to Vegas to run with these girls, they came right to our backyard and the course was on one of my favorite parts of the backbone. I actually loved the later start time (10AM), was able to party all night Friday night…just kidding, but the later start time did give us a chance to drive there and carpool to the trail head. Good friends and a smaller trail race? Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to me. I love love LOVE low key races. There was no Star Spangled Banner, and I swear if I hear that song anytime soon, I might go crazy (cue: Gasparilla). The guy counted us down, pulled the trigger on his gun and we were off!

I was worried that a lot of people were going to pass me if I stayed too close to the front and since this course is all on single track, I thought it might be a bit crowded in the beginning. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too bad. I passed a couple people in the beginning (a lot of ppl slowed down from the stream crossings) and soon enough, everyone fell into their own pace. Once I fell into the stream, I pretty much said screw it and ran right through all the streams, soaking both my socks and shoes. We winded down Corral Canyon into Latigo Canyon. I loved the shaded parts of this trail and crossing over all the stream banks. I wasn’t sure how my legs would do from all the running this past week, but I kept a steady tempo and it helped knowing when the hills were coming on the course. I was a mile from the turn around at Kanan when I saw the first place guy. I was pounding the downhill and he was going up. Not long after, my friend Matt came by. I screamed at him that he was in third place and he told me that I was the 2nd female. I couldn’t believe it, I thought there were a lot more people in front of me. Soon enough, I saw the first girl come by and that just pumped me up even more. I wanted to take in water at the turn around, but my competitive edge was on fire. I kept looking behind me to see if any girls were close as there were a couple tailing me in the beginning. I was going back and forth for the majority of the last part of the race with this one guy. He was in front of me for the most part, but I think the hills were really starting to wear on him. On the last hill, I slowly shuffled my way up and created a good distance between us. Finally at the top of the hill, I took a deep breath and knew it was mostly downhill, flat till the end, with a slight uphill near the finish. I pounded the downhills to make up time and felt really good coming back and crossing the creeks. Ended up passing 2 more guys before the finish, yet I was still worried some chick might pass me! Call me paranoid, but the thoughts of coming in 2nd female was too big of an excitement to let go easily. Note: 2 bikers tried to run me over and I finally gave in and let them pass. I gave them the stink eye, but they later apologized after the race. I definitely pushed it and was so happy to see the finish. Finish time 2:20:16, 2nd place female. Woohoo!

Then we proceeded to be locked out of our car for 4 hours…but that’s a story for another time.

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  1. Jamie permalink
    March 16, 2011 1:21 pm

    Hey Andee,
    I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! I recently found it while searching for info on the Disney Goofy race and have been reading it pretty much everyday since. I have been thinking about starting my own running blog and had decided on using word press as a host. I’m not really sure what the difference is in buying my own domaine name or using a name so I just wanted to ask you as an experienced blogger why you chose your own domaine name and what you would suggest to me. Thanks so much for your help, and for all your great running stories and delicious recipes!!!

    • March 18, 2011 7:16 am

      Hi Jamie,
      I decided to go with my own URL to make it easier to tell others about my blog without having to say “”. I think it is worth the money (it’s not too expensive) to have your own domain name.

  2. March 26, 2011 1:27 am

    Wow, Andee! It took me awhile to read this because I wanted to get all the details. 2nd place female? Wow!! That’s really awesome! I love YOUR love of trail running. You’re definitely kicking butt at it.

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