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January Recap & Highlights

February 1, 2012

I thought I’d start doing monthly recaps to adjust my goals, create new ones and monitor my progress towards Zion 100 in May. Also, it’s fun to go back and reflect on what the hell I actually did since I have a memory span of an ant. This year started off great with the Rose Parade run on January 2nd. Although I had to wake up ridiculously early (3 AM), it was so worth running the parade route with a bunch of other crazies and getting to see all the floats lined up before the actual parade. A must-do once if you live in the area! Nothing like running 11 miles at 5 in the morning, going to work right after and watching the Ducks kick ass on a Monday.

My first race of the year started off with the Xterra Boney Mountain 21K trail race. It was the perfect day to be out on the trails and running with so many friends is always a plus.

The weekend after, I took a trip to Avalon, Catalina for Avalon 50. Catalina is only an hour away by boat so it was a fairly local race and I was able to come home and sleep in my own bed the same night after the race finished #score I didn’t have the best time on the course since my pelvis was flaring up and I subdued it with pain killers till the finish, but I had a great weekend with friends and got to run on some new trails.

Note to self: Pain killers don’t actually heal the injury, silly girl. Oh yes, in case you were wondering what I *think* I have…click here. I am the best at self-diagnosing and searching frantically online for various injuries and remedies instead of going to an actual doctor, because everything found on the internet has to be true, right? Also I don’t have the luxury (re: money) of going to any sports doctor I like because doctors cost money and the internet is free.

Yes I am monitoring this injury and I know it will not magically go away unless I do something about it. So here is my diagnosis and cure, just call me Dr. Torng

1. No more 90+ miles/week unless I am slowly building up to it. I hope to peak around 85-90 during my high months of training for Zion

2. Rehab

  • Dorsal raises (3 sets of 10 per day)
  • Adductor exercises (3 sets of 10 per day)
  • Abductor exercises (3 sets of 10 per day)
  • Hip flexor exercises (3 sets of 10 per day)

3. Pop IBU

#end rant

No buffalo sighting this year

My friend is mid chew with a buffalo burger, possibly from the same buffalo as the picture above

Another highlight was cheering on friends at the 13.1 race the day after Avalon. Legs were surprisingly responding to the mileage after the race though my friend said we looked like zombies. We ended up running 6 shake out miles along the course.

I ended the month with our infamous pub run, superhero themed around the dive bars in Culver City.

Can you guess who I was?

Hint: Starts with a P and rhymes with Bowerbuff Curls

Monthly recap

Total mileage for the month: 316

Current songs on repeat:

Hey Daddy-Usher

Marry the Night-Lady Gaga

Impulse buys:

Lunar Fly+2 Trail Shoes

Best runs:

Weekly track workouts

8 mile tempos

Running sub 1 hr at Westridge twice!

Other non-running highlights (in case you thought running was my life ha why would you ever think that?)

B getting a full time attorney job! More income added to the family to help pay off all my race fees and debts

Night snowboarding! Haven’t been on a board in 2 years and the bruises on my ass show

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon at Hop Li with MSG-laden food and crispy chicken skin mmm….


Short Order burger & Spuds

Weekly trips to Eatailian for pizza & gelato

Goals for February:

  • Keep up with strength training (TRX), hip/abductor exercises to heal injury
  • Finish Ray Miller 50K and La Jolla 50K injury-free and somewhat in a decent time
  • Maintain weekly mileage
  • Incorporate rest days
  • Force myself to get a massage at least once a month

Looking forward to more shenanigans in February

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