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Weekend Recap

February 7, 2012

<edited to add: this post has taken me 3 days to write…yes, that’s how slow I am and apparently I can’t concentrate on one thing>

Anyways, I love the weekends. In fact, I spend most of the week just counting down until the minute I get off work on Friday. Talk about the Monday blues. I have it, bad.

I left work last Friday to come home to a nice surprise. ECCO shoes had sent me their newest trail shoes to try out.

This is off the Biom line which is suppose to help you run naturally. Surprisingly, it has a lot more cushion than I would’ve imagined for a “minimalist” shoe, so I’m curious to see how they hold up on the trails. Full review coming soon…

This Saturday a group of friends went out for a short jog on the Backbone trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. Short as in 68 miles. I opted for the 26 mile route since I’m still nursing this bad boy and didn’t want to get too beat up for my upcoming back to back 50K’s. A few crazies/psychos/people I totally admire decided to run the entire backbone trail in one day (re: 68 hellish miles from Ray miller to Will Rogers with over 13,000 ft elevation gain). We ran the entire backbone last year over a Saturday and Sunday and that was hard. They started at 6AM Saturday with us and finished around 3:30AM on Sunday, 21 freaking hours! Backbone is one of the toughest trails in So Cal as there are barely any flats, you are either going up or down.


Here’s the elevation for the first 30 miles…

Highlights/lowlights from the trail: I got lost 3 miles in even though I’ve done Backbone so many times and didn’t even realize I was off trail until I had already descended all the way down the canyon. Flashback to my first 50K race where I didn’t realize I was off course until I was almost done with my second 8 mile loop and wondered why I hadn’t seen anyone in a long time and…didn’t I pass that same tree an hour ago? Yeah, don’t follow me on the trail unless you want to run extra miles and get incredibly lost. I should really learn how to navigate myself better.  So, I had to backtrack and go right back up the trail adding on another 3-4 miles to the 26 for the day. I was cursing myself because I thought I would have to run the entire 26 by myself, but actually bumped into my other friends who had also taken the wrong turn, but hadn’t gone all the way down the trail like I did. From then on we just ran together to the end. I was reminded on Saturday how damn hard the climb is up Boney Mountain to Sandstone Peak. The views are amazing at the top, but the climb really takes a toll on your legs. Note from the chart above the climb starts around Mile 8 and ends at Mile 15.

Surprisingly I didn’t feel like dying on the trail unlike last weekend where I wanted to call it quits 8 miles into a 20 mile run. I started to get a headache around Mile 20 probably from the sun and not wearing a hat, popped a Tylenol and felt better. I feel like I’ve been using Tylenol on my runs a little too much lately to help ease the different pains I go through. Is this normal? Once we hit Yerba Buena at Mile 19, I was cruising the last 10 miles to our cars. My legs felt so good to be running and not climbing up steep hills. Though the 10 mile stretch isn’t pancake flat, it is relatively the flattest part on the Backbone trail with little elevation change. I loved being back on the single track and the weather couldn’t have been better. Winter doesn’t exist in L.A, apparently. I was able to get through the 30 miles on one Camelbak (2 liters) of water, 3 GU’s, a couple Honey Stingers and one Waffle, yum. Nothing like delicious runner’s food.

I’m already missing these views…

Of course, the weekend wouldn’t be complete without good eats. We checked out a soft opening of Abigaile’s in Hermosa Beach Saturday night. Thanks Colin!

Bad ass burger

…and our weekly fill of gelato from Paciugo’s

Good stuff

Workouts for the week:

Sunday: I wanted an easy flat road run on Sunday, but instead got a hilly 9 miles around Santa Monica. It felt like hard effort and definitely wasn’t the easy I was expecting. Though my legs felt good considering I had done 30 the day before. I probably should have pulled myself out for 20 miles, but I didn’t have it in me to go that far on Super Bowl Sunday.

Monday: I ran a quick 8 on the treadmill and got an hour massage just focusing on my legs after work. Another sufferfest but worth the pain.

Tuesday double-days: Short and quick 5.5 miles in the morning since I had to rush off to this thing called work. Later at night, I did one of the hardest track workouts ever.  2 mile warm-up followed by 8×800’s at 3:20 (Yasso’s). I felt progressively worse and worse as the intervals went by, but tried to keep the same pace. Funny how my last 800 was my fastest one of all at 3:15.

I hope so Bart..I hope so.

Wednesday: Another 8 in the Marina (this seems to be my favorite distance to run lately), rehabbing/stretching/exciting date with Mr. Foam Roller later tonight

Thursday: Some sort of double run

Friday: Walk, x-train, rest

Saturday: 21 miles of the LA Marathon course with Track Club L.A 

3 more days until the weekend! Lots of fun stuff planned. What do you have planned this weekend?

**Congrats to my imaginary boyfriend who won Rocky Raccoon 100 this past weekend in 13:24:52. Yes, that’s 13 hours for 100 miles, 8 min/mile pace. C-r-a-z-y.

Power song: International Love: Chris Brown ft. Pitbull

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  1. Thomas permalink
    February 8, 2012 11:44 am

    I like how you like honey stinger waffles!
    And we missed you for the 68+! It seems everybody got lost at some point this day.

  2. February 8, 2012 7:19 pm

    Another great post Andee! Ha, I won’t tell Carly about your imaginary boyfriend. 🙂 Sorry I missed out on the backbone fun–I was resting up for my 10K PR on Sunday. I will definitely attempt the complete backbone soon (and by soon I mean within a year).

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