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LA Marathon Course Preview & Weekend Recap

February 16, 2012

Not so much a recap anymore as tomorrow is the weekend already! It’s been crazy busy this week and always takes me forever to get a post up. Oh well, better late than never. Anyone get President’s Day off on Monday?

Track Club L.A. organized a L.A marathon preview course last Saturday morning so a bunch of us got together to run the first 21 miles of the course from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. I’m not running the marathon this year, but I did run it 2 years ago when they changed the course and the year before that. Frankly, the entry fee for road marathons are getting ridiculous. Zion 100 is almost the same price as L.A and I get (way) more miles for my buck. New York? Forget it, I can get a couple race entries for that same price.

By the way, did you see the new qualifying standards to get into New York in 2013?

Yeah, no thanks. My current marathon PR is around the 45-54 age range. I guess I will wait until then.

The road felt pretty good on Saturday and I was keeping a fairly comfortable pace for the first 18 miles. I don’t have the exact splits, but I would guess it was around 8 minute pace or faster. Track workouts are definitely helping and I’m hoping this speed will translate into endurance and visa versa. We pretty much ran from Dodger Stadium through Silverlake, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Century City before finally going back to Santa Monica. The course is definitely not flat, just a net downhill, which I’ve learned means absolutely nothing.

I took my Camelbak with me, but neglected to take any fuel during my run. I definitely started to feel worse and worse the last four miles of the run. I ended up with an extra mile or so getting lost going around the VA center (what else is new?).
I realized my weekly workouts are wiping me out. I’m trying to work on speed and build my endurance at the same time. I guess my main focus right now is Zion even though my one chance to PR at a road marathon at Eugene is also coming up. I’m hoping to be in peak shape by the end of April for Eugene and get in a good PR before I retire from road marathons for the rest of the year.

After the killer 22 miler, I literally stayed glued to the couch until I was forced to get up to get ready for dinner. I wish more places would be ok with people showing up in compression socks and sweats. We hit up Frank n Hanks for pre-dinner drinks, Road to Seoul for All You Can Eat Korean BBQ and Beer Belly for post-dinner drinks. Anyways, the night ended with way too much drinking and coming home smelling like grilled meat. Note to self: I shouldn’t be allowed to wear 5 inch heels after drinking.

Before things got crazy…


I pulled myself out for a short trail run in the morning. It was rough after a night of  drinking and getting to bed super late and generally tired from the hard run the day before. We started at Trippet Ranch up to Eagle Rock and back down the Musche trail, total of 6.5 miles. I worked out with my trainer for an hour afterwards. We didn’t do any TRX like we usually do, but instead focused on doing my rehab exercises and yoga, the only thing I could really handle that day.

Continuing on with the run, eat repeat theme, Me and Matt ended up checking out our ex chef at Joe’s new dig at Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. A pop-up restaurant hiding in the current Capri space in Venice. It was really interesting to see Kris cook this kind of rustic family style food when I’m used to his food at Joe’s which is more refined. We had a great time with some outstanding dishes. Kris was so welcoming and sent out a bunch of dishes for us to try, and of course, we wiped everything clean.
Smoked rainbow trout, avocado toast, herb salad, egg

We grabbed cocktails at The Tasting Kitchen right across the street after dinner. It was jamming in there and took a while to snag 2 seats at the bar. Pricey but unique cocktails, will definitely be back to check out the food. The scene on Abbot Kinney has really changed over the years, guess it is where all the cool kids hang these days.

Workouts this week:

Monday: 9 miles-tempo

Tuesday: 6 mile run-easy, skipped track due to last minute stuff. I hate it when this happens, I take it easy for my morning run to save my legs for track and end up not getting in a night run.

Wednesday: 10 mile run-tempo

Thursday: 11 mile run- hard (first 7 miles at 7 min pace, last 4 at 8 min). I really wanted to push myself before I started the run so I told myself that if I wanted to get faster I would have to go harder for a longer period of time. I’m glad I was able to push out 7 miles at 7 min/miles before backing off. Legs were pretty shot rest of the day and had to wear compression socks into work. Good thing I work alone in my office.

Friday: rest day, fo real. I don’t even feel like walking up the stairs to my apartment today. If I’m going to take a rest day, I’m going to take it very seriously.

Saturday: 26 mile training run. When did 26 miles become a “training run” distance?!

Sunday: Easy run+Strength

This week I backed off the mileage a little. I didn’t do any double runs, instead I just did a longer run in the morning. I think the 22 miles on Saturday really wiped me out and the weekend was so busy I didn’t get much of a chance to rest. On Tuesday, I slept for 12 hours straight and felt so much better throughout the week. Rest is recovery, my friends. Gearing up for next weekend’s back to back 50K’s. Should be a good time.

Motivational video of the day from Zion 100

Ameno: DJ Quicksilver

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