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26 Miles & Weekend Recap

February 21, 2012

Somehow 26 miles has now become a “training distance” run for me. I’m not trying to be annoying, but it is interesting when you are training for a distance that is almost 4 times the marathon distance, that 26 miles doesn’t seem so far anymore. It’s all about perspective. This past Saturday, I needed to get in a long but relatively quick run since the in-laws were in town (re: no 6+ hr trail run). I haven’t run with the L.A. Leggers this season only because running long on the road tends to lead to more injuries for me. Though, I love the group (they got me through my first marathon 3 years ago), it just isn’t conducive to what I am training for right now. However, this past weekend the group was heading out for their longest training run before the L.A. Marathon so I decided to tag along.

We started early with the 8-8:30 min pace group and headed south on the beach path to Marina Del Rey for 6.5 miles before turning around back to where we started at the Senior Center. I took a handheld with me filled with a mix of Gatorade and water which lasted the whole way + 2 pit stops for water. It felt nice to run by the beach again since it’s been so long. Relatively easy effort and before I knew it, we were turning around. My legs started to feel sluggish around Miles 13 when we got back to the Senior Center so I took my first GU. I chugged along and felt better as the miles went on, taking salt every hour and a GU every 6-7 miles. We ended up looping the Brentwood golf course since we didn’t want to run around the VA center again like last weekend. Ended the 26 miles around 3:45 which is pretty good considering it was a training run and I never felt like I was going “all out race pace”.

I took it easy on Sunday with a 5 mile shake out run and an hour session with the trainer. We’re really working on improving my range of motion in my body since I am so stiff everywhere. Some of the stuff we’ve been doing is dynamic stretching with a combination of upper body TRX strength, yoga and meditation. It is really amazing the power of visualization when we meditate. I focus on breathing life back into my tired muscles while breathing out the tightness. It really works! I always feel so much better after a session with my trainer.

Highlights/Food PrOn from this weekend:

  • Eating delicious Mexican food at Playa Cantina the night before the 26. Remember how much I love Mexican food before a long run? Not sure how Mac N Cheese is considered Mexican, but this huge bowl was only $4 #ftw

  • Finishing 26 miles without having to resort to Tylenol. Still nursing the injury, but it seems to be getting better. At least I keep telling myself that.
  • Buying $50 worth of GU and salt for this weekend’s races. Yummy runner’s food!

  • Spending time with the in-laws
  • Hiking the Bull Dog trail

  • Stumbling upon this on the trail. Not sure what is going on here… #onlyinLA

  • Watching Cirque Du Soleil “Ovo”
  • Grom, possibly the best gelato in L.A

Workouts this week:

Monday: 10 miles at Westridge wearing new ECCO trail shoes (full review coming soon)

Tuesday: 6 miles + 7 mile track workout

3 x 12 minutes at 30-45 seconds per mile faster than marathon pace with two-minute recovery jog.

Averaged 7-7:10 min/mile for 6 miles

Wednesday: 8-10 miles  Ended up with a sluggish 4 miles instead. BLAH. Legs are too tired from the double on Tuesday. Also probably didn’t help that I ate an entire bag of broccoli for dinner last night since I was too lazy to cook. Going to do an hour on the elliptical followed by a session with the trainer tonight.

Thursday: 6 miles AM + 8 miles PM

Friday: Rest + shove pizza in my face

Saturday: Ray Miller 50K

Sunday: La Jolla 50K

It’s a busy weekend, but I’m really excited to run back to back 50K’s. I won the Ray Miller 50K a couple months ago at the Unbreakable screening. I can’t imagine it being harder than what we did at Wonderland which was 29-34 miles a day for 3 consecutive days and huge elevation gain, but it will still be hard nevertheless. My goal is just to finish them both in a respectable time. I’m not going to race either, really just want the mileage more than anything. I am looking forward to ending February with some good mileage and strong races and focus more on night & double runs in March.

Looking ahead:

Due to something called a budget, I’m going to pull out of Shadow of the Giants in June and Tahoe Rim 50 in July and possibly the Western States Training camp in June. I’m sad I can’t run everything I want to and I’m also sad I don’t have a money tree growing on my patio. But we can’t always get what we want (this is what B tells me all the time). The races will always be there, I just need to space them out more. Though, I did find out that I can go to Montana in October for Le Grizz 50 for way cheaper than I thought. I just have to fly into a different airport and drive 2 hours, no biggie. At least I will get to see this and visit Glaciar National Park. And I did sign up for this race, so I guess me giving up 2 races to sign up for 2 more races is not really “budgeting”.

Song of the day:: AWOLNATION: Not Your Fault

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  1. February 22, 2012 4:30 pm

    Holy crap, back-to-back 50Ks? You’re a mileage machine Andee.

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