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A-Frame, Culver City

July 24, 2012

A-Frame is another one of Roy Choi’s creation that I’ve been meaning to try. The structure of the building is in an old iHop restaurant, but the inside is nothing like what you would normally expect from a pancake house. The tables are set up communal style, encouraging a place to meet old and new friends. Known for the ‘picnic style’ food, A-Frame turns simple and comforting foods into unique flavor combinations. I took my in-laws there for their first meal in L.A., and they were impressed by the style and type of food we had. We went during happy hour, which is Monday-Friday from 5PM-7PM, a generous time frame to order all the food and drink we could manage to eat. We even spotted the owner himself there!

Stalker-ish much? He actually tweeted me back confirming this.

The Trick: Tequila cucumber, ginger, lemongrass, lime, chile salt

Furikake Kettle Corn butter blazin’ j’s hawaiian style

Swordfish Tacos with flour tortillas, spiced yogurt, tomato confit, cilantro parmesan, toasted bread crumbs and red onion

Baby Back Ribs air-dried and hoisin-chili glazed

Kitchen Fries wedges of purple okinawan potato, yam, and korean sweet potato with kimchi sour cream and sea salt

Cracklin Beer Can Chicken with kimchi, century egg, salsa roja and verde

Double Cheeseburger with tomato confit, pickled red onions, butter lettuce, hot sauce sharp cheddar and sesame mayo on a buttered brioche bun

Black Pepper Szechuan Ice Cream And Salted Chocolate Cookie

Chu-Don’t-Know-Mang pound cake cinnamon churros, with malted chocolate milk and vanilla ice cream

Highlights of the meal included the kitchen fries, tasty cocktails, swordfish tacos and both desserts. Apparently they have all you can eat fried chicken on the weekends now? Yes, please.


12565 Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066


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  1. July 24, 2012 1:40 pm

    i heart a-frame!
    also i can’t remember if i sent you this but if you’re interested in meeting other food bloggers on a regular basis join this group!

  2. August 17, 2012 8:51 am

    It realy good u created a beautiful blog. And it helps us for know all about bloges and how share ideas all the time.also u have aviatin services ..

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