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Week 1 OC Marathon Recap

April 7, 2013

After Gorges last Saturday, my legs were feeling pretty beat up the next day. Hence, the lack of any sort of movement on Sunday.

Sunday in this order after flying home: brunch, nap for 3 hours, moved from bed to couch for a few hours, prep dinner, eat dinner, watch Game of Thrones premiere, sleep. Yes that is a typical rest day for me, I try my hardest to get away with as little movement as I possibly can.

Eggy goodness at J. Nichols

Eggy goodness at J. Nichols


8 miles/60 minutes/7:30 pace

Surprised by how easy this run and pace felt even though quads were still pretty beat up. Also felt so good to be moving again after being sick all of last week and not running a single mile before Gorges.



12 miles/1:28/7:19 pace with 1 mile pick-up at Mile 10 (usually when I start thinking about all the ways to kill Matt for making me do these pick ups)



7 miles/53 minutes/7:34 pace



10.5 miles at Westridge/1:24/8:00 pace
This is my usual run on Thursday mornings with a great group of friends. We meet at 6:30AM and spend the morning running up and down trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.



4 easy miles/30 minutes/7:30 pace

I don’t usually run on Fridays, so I ran this more out of boredom and having too much free time in the morning. Anyone else do that?



19 miles/2:30/7:53 pace

Slow and steady long road run in Santa Monica with a good mix of hills thrown in. It’s been a while since I’ve done a long run on the road and it’s pretty intimidating since I can’t use the trail as an excuse for going slow.

Followed by one too many drinks at a wedding…



Total miles for the week: 60.5


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