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Week 2 OC Marathon Recap

April 17, 2013

As the OC Marathon inches closer on my calendar, my goal becomes more daunting and real. Especially after tracking so many friends at the Boston Marathon on Monday, I’ve only gotten more anxious about my own race. Unlike many ultras where I run just to finish, road races are about hitting your splits every.single.mile. The pressure to run a certain pace and keep it up for all 26 miles with little room for error is scary.

Maybe I am over thinking, but this is the exact reason why I only run one of these a year.

In the end, it all comes down to your confidence level and how much you trust in the work you’ve put in.

This was a peak week for me, so I wanted to get in 65-70 miles which meant incorporating double days back into my weeks. Oh how I did not miss double days! I used to do these ALL the time when training for Zion in order to get my mileage up which led to a huge burn out once the race was over. Even though I still do double workouts most days, I’ve replaced that second run with Pilates.

Week recap from 4/7-4/13


8 miles

Easy conversational pace at Los Liones trail with Pete C. I’m thinking of making Los Liones a Sunday staple to work on hill intervals and uphill hiking speed. Also it’s a nice way to flush out the legs from a long Saturday run.



3 miles


7 miles



8 miles

Tempo run up and down Georgina in Santa Monica with Matt, took it easy on the way up and made up the time on the way down with a 1 mile pick up at Mile 6.




Rest day from running, instead carbo loaded with the Boston marathoners at Wildcraft Pizza in Culver City.



6.5 miles

Easy morning run in Brentwood with Meg. Struggled to get up, but glad I made it out. You never regret a workout!

8 miles

After work run with Matt, my legs are definitely not used to running in the afternoon. Struggled with the first 4 by myself before meeting up with Matt where he helped salvage what was left of my run.


6.5 miles

I debated going on this run since I had a long run the next day, but figured since I took Wednesday off, I should get used to running on tired legs.



23.5 miles

Not my best run since I didn’t start on fresh legs, I just wanted to get in the miles. Meg and I ran around PV, she showed me some new trails down by the cliffs I have never been on which was a nice change from the normal route. A good amount of hills and rollers which slowed down my pace a lot. Does this view ever get old?


Total mileage


One more peak week (this week) and I’ll be tapering off, can’t wait!

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