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Week 3 OC Marathon Recap

April 23, 2013

Last peak week in training, thank goodness.

Random note from this week on WHY ALL MY RUNS HAVE SUCKED:

Decided to run in my semi-new Nike LunarGlide 3 and save the ones I’ve been training in, LunarGlide 4, for the race. I bought these LunarGlides last year in August for Hood 2 Coast, but I haven’t worn them since. For some reason, it didn’t fit right on my feet even though it’s the exact same model and brand, just an updated version, so I stowed them away and bought the 4s. I always attributed the 3s to not fitting right because I still had to break them in, even though the 4s felt like clouds on my feet from Day 1.

Cute, but deceiving little shoes

Cute, but deceiving little shoes

So I stupidly ran on the 3s all week even though it was giving me a lot of shin pain, something I have never had before. The shin pain was even messing with my left knee. The toe box was very tight fitting even though I kept trying to loosen up the laces. I wear my shoes VERY loose, almost to the point where it looks like they might slip off my feet, but these shoes were still so tight in the front. Every run with these shoes pretty much sucked and I was losing hope for the marathon next weekend. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my runs, never thinking ONCE that my shoes might have been the problem!

Anyways, problem solved yesterday when my shins hurt so badly on my normal Tuesday tempo run with Matt that I had to pull off and start running on the grassy medium slowly while stopping to stretch my shins every so often. He then informed me that the 3s got bad reviews and most people didn’t like the update. I felt so relieved that it wasn’t me, but the stupid shoes! I was tempted to chuck the shoes right in the middle of our run and go barefoot but I stuck it out for the rest of our 10 mile run and immediately chucked them once I got home. Farewell!

Long story short: If a new pair of shoes doesn’t feel right after a couple runs, you should seriously evaluate the shoes before sending yourself into a frenzy and wanting to withdraw from every race you signed up for this year.

April 14-20



Felt tired from Saturday’s long run, so took it as a sign to rest and just went to Pilates. Love lazy Sundays.


10 miles

Boston Marathon morning! I was so excited to track all my friends who were out there running that the miles just flew by. First day of wearing the devil shoes, but completely ignored all pain because I was so excited to get back to my computer and watch the marathon unfold.



7.5 miles

Ran around the Marina, sported my Boston shirt in memory of what happened the day before. Beautiful day on a sad morning with the wildflowers blooming all over the trail and bike path.

Read my Remembering Boston post here




11.5 miles

A run in parts. Started the run by myself before meeting up with Sharon for a few miles and dropping her off at Peet’s, ran a few more by myself before meeting up with her again and dragging her out to run with me, dropped her off at home before running home myself.  Did you catch all that? Uneven pacing but glad to get in some double digit miles on a weekday.



10.5 miles

Meg and I ran the Sullivan to Westridge loop which I haven’t done in so long. Met up with Matt close to Westridge before running back to our cars. Really missed the trails after running the majority of my miles on road for the past 2 weeks. First good run all week because I was wearing trail shoes!



10 miles

Struggled to get in 10, probably should have taken another rest day but I was determined to get my mileage up to 70 for the week and didn’t want to run more than 20 on Saturday. Lunch made up for the uneventful slog of a run.




20 miles

Started the run with 6ish solo miles before meeting up with the gang to finish off the rest. Since everyone seemed to have different mileage plans for the day we all ended up running different routes. Dave, Matt and I ran up to Will Rogers and noticed this new trail, Rustic Creek, off the side of the park. The trail sign said it was only less than a half mile to the end but we were determined to see if the trail connected to any other parts of the park we’ve never explored. It was this awesome single track trail hugging the side of the mountain and I wished it had gone on forever but sadly it ended at a creek (like it said it would). Still determined to find the continuing trail, we made our way up the creek, across logs, bushwacking every plant and tree branch in the way only to be disappointed that it really did lead to nowhere. Note to self: when the sign says END TRAIL it really is the end.


We made our way up to Inspiration Point before turning around. Dave headed back to the car but I still had a couple more miles to get in before I was done for the day. Luckily I can always convince Matt to run extra miles with me despite him having just run a 2:52 marathon on Monday. We finished up our run by heading to the Palisades, down Temescal and to the beach path and calling it a day.

Total miles for the week: 69.5 (.5!!!) Cue OCD alert.

Here’s hoping this week is much better!

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