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Race Reports



Santa Monica 10K-10/08 49:46

Long Beach Turkey Trot 10K-11/08 47:46

Chinatown Firecracker 10K-2/10 49:39

Santa Monica Classic 10K-5/10 47:57

Mud Run 10K Camp Pendleton-6/10 1:11:06

Santa Monica Venice 10K-12/12 42:30, 2nd in age group (PR)

Manhattan Beach 10K-10/13 43:37

Half Marathons

City of Angels Half Marathon-12/08 1:45

Pasadena Half Marathon-4/09 1:46:07

Palos Verdes Half Marathon-5/09 1:48:28

San Francisco Half Marathon-7/09 1:50:25

Malibu Half Marathon-11/09

Los Angeles County Half Marathon-12/09 1:45:25

Surf City Half Marathon-2/10 1:39:23

Pasadena Half Marathon-2/10 1:50:41

Great Race of Agoura Half Marathon-3/10 1:55:04

Santa Ynez Half Marathon-5/10 1:52:23

Valley Crest Half Marathon-6/10 1:56:44

Disneyland Half Marathon-9/10 1:48:45

Corral Canyon Trail Half Marathon-3/11 2:20:16, 2nd place female

Malibu Night Half Marathon-3/12 2:28:38

Saints and Sinners Half Marathon-10/12 1st place female, 1:31:11

Saints and Sinners Half Marathon-10/13 2nd place female, 1:29:02 (PR)


Surf City Marathon-2/09 3:48:51

Los Angeles Marathon-5/09 3:51:53

Long Beach Marathon-10/09 3:47:03

California International Marathon-12/09 3:53:52

Walt Disney Goofy Challenge Half & Full Marathon-1/10 Half Marathon: 1:53:04 Full Marathon: 3:36:51

Napa Valley Marathon-3/10 3:45:02

Los Angeles Marathon-3/10 3:56:30

San Francisco Marathon-7/10 3:57:37

St. George Marathon-10/10 3:46:31

Nike Women’s Marathon-10/10 3:56:40

Boston Marathon-4/11 3:59:45

Big Sur International Marathon-5/11 4:20:17

Santa Barbara International Marathon-11/11 3:29:27, 3rd in Age Group

Eugene Marathon-4/12 3:29:53

Saddleback Trail Marathon-11/12 2nd place female, 4:22

Orange County Marathon-5/13 3:19:57, 4th female, 1st in age group (PR)

Winthrop Marathon-6/13 3:21:50, 2nd female

50K Ultras

Santa Monica Mountains 50K Trail Race-11/10 6:48:55

Shadow of the Giants 50K-6/11 5:30:56

Ray Miller 50K-2/12 6:44:35

La Jolla Canyon 50K-2/12 6:54:29, 6th Female

Orcas Island 50K-2/13 7:10:56, 4th in age group

Way Too Cool 50K-3/13 4:48:26, 3rd in age group (PR)

Gorge Waterfalls 50K-3/13 5:23:24

50 Mile Ultras

Northface Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Race-12/10 12:42:29

Mt. Hood 50 Ultra, Oregon-7/11 9:19:40, 3rd Female Overall

Northface 50 Miles Endurance Championships-12/11 10:50:44

Avalon 50 Miles-1/12 10:32:59

American River 50 Miles-4/12 8:51:16, 3rd in Age Group

San Diego 50 Miles-1/13 8:12:35, 3rd female, 7th overall (PR)

100K Ultras

Cuyamaca 100K-10/12 14:22:21, 38th overall, 7th female


SoCal Ragnar Relay-4/10

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay, Utah-6/11

Ragnar Relay San Francisco to Napa-9/11 25:28:09, 5th Mixed Open, 15/296 Overall

Ragnar Relay SoCal Ultra-4/12 28:59, 3rd place in Ultra Mixed Group

Hood 2 Coast Relay-8/12 26:22:26, 16/362 Mixed Opens, 110/1070 Overall

Adventure Runs/Pacing

Climb up to Mt. Baldy-5/10

Backbone Trail (68 miles)-3/11

San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run (Pacing)-6/11 Miles 80-100

Wonderland Trail (93 miles), Mt. Rainier-9/11 27 hours, 22,000 ft elevation gain

Western States Training Camp-5/12

Pine 2 Palm 100 Mile Run (pacing)-9/12

Half Dome Yosemite Hike-7/13

Random distances

Sycamore Canyon 18K Trail Race-4/10 1:53:42, 4th Female

Gasparilla Michelob Challenge-2/11

Montana de Oro 25K-11/11 3:30:38, 3rd Female

Xterra Boney Mountain 21K-1/12 2:20:02

Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, Iceland-7/13 7:20:56

Lessons Learned

Zion 100 DNF Part I Miles 1-35-5/12 15:00:00 (52 miles)

Zion 100 DNF Part II Miles 35-52.5-5/12

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  1. August 1, 2009 3:47 am

    Great pictures. I love all of the action shots.

  2. Krista Ventresco permalink
    October 13, 2009 4:32 am

    Hi Andee,
    I am Brennan’s aunt. I talked to his mom today and she told me to check out your website. So, here I am. Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed. Keep up the good work, and good luck with your marathon training!

    • andee permalink
      October 13, 2009 2:40 pm

      Hello! Thank you for your kind words and stopping by!


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